We have a wide range of electrical and automation Panels

PCC is power control centre. In simple terms or generally a panel which supplies or received H.T power can be termed as PCC whereas panels which supplies power to L.T motors I.e those running on less than 415 volts are termed as MCC

A motor control center (MCC) is an assembly to control some or all electric motors in a central location. It consists of multiple enclosed sections having a common power bus and with each section containing a combination starter, which in turn consists of motor starter, fuses or circuit breaker, and power disconnect..

Automatic Power Factor Control or APFC Panels are mainly used for the improvement of Power Factor. Power Factor is the ratio of active power to apparent power and it is a major component in measuring electrical consumption.

Compact single VFD wall mounting type Panel with metering. Input protection with MCCB, Control Transformer, MCBs and Control Relays. Panel cooling fan. Inupt and output terminals for supply for bottom entry cables.

PLC provide sequential operations of VFDs based on input form sensors placed in the process. HMI provided operation as well as display of process parameters and events. Reduced noise interference due to professionaly designed layout.